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AL and AL Review

Incidents of Travel In The Multiverse

The artists AL and AL are interpreting tarot cards, rewriting history and reuniting across the Multiverse in a new exhibit that partners’ science and spirituality. The three-part journey at HOME asks you to take a leap of faith while exploring notions of space-time and reality.

Incidents of Travel in the Multiverse begin in The Drawing Room, where seven images drawn on music paper reflect the reimagined myth of Icarus. Instead of flying too close to the sun, the boy travels to the edge of a black hole. Alongside the film At The Edge Of Time, the reimagined Voyage of Icarus supposedly brings Einstein’s theory of general relativity to life.

The exhibit is embedded with scientific theory, and the artist film is back with a vengeance. Seven screens are used to explore the mysteries of the universe; with extensive research, technologies and collaborations created to review the possibilities of phenomena beyond that which can be proven.

The artist's newest work, The Demiurge, focuses on the origins of life were modified clones travel across the Multiverse to find a cure for death. Many pieces are dedicated to Alan Turning and a brief encounter he had with a tarot reading gypsy. The artists question what cards Turning selected in rooms set in the past (1954) and the future (2154) where the films display time traveling machines in search of Turning.

Ultimately, the exhibit is best explained by a smaller sign that stands at the entrance of the exhibit. A neon sign is holding an equation that does not speak for itself. The shared knowledge of physicists and mathematicians that highlight The Secret Language of Truth. The artists AL and AL clearly understand these scientific theories but don't necessarily know how to relay that to the average viewer. If you didn't know what the future held before you entered Incidents of Travel in the Multiverse, be prepared to remain confused as the secret club is likely to remain a mystery.

Sat 6 Feb 2016 – Sun 10 Apr 2016

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