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Raiders of the Lost Ark in Concert Review | Bridgewater Hall | Manchester

This, this is history. Following the success of Jaws and Jurassic Park in Concert, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra are back with a new tour. Offering an experience that you won’t want to shut your eyes for, the familiar silhouette of Indy is revived alongside the gifted Czech National Symphony Orchestra for an interactive movie experience.

Continuing the perfect merger of live music and cinema, Indiana Jones is the latest in a fantastical line-up of the live concert concoction to hit The Bridgewater Hall. Conducted by Ben Palmer, together with music composed by John Williams, the not so neo concerts have become the ultimate cinema experience. Here Lukas’ classic has been granted a new lease of life that bring the memorable Williams score to the forefront.

The story follows the icon, named after George Lucas’ dog, Indiana (Harrison Ford) as the professor of archaeology/pincher of rare antiques as he searches to obtain the Ark of the Covenant. Picking up a monkey and the fervent Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) as a partner along the way, the whip slinging antagonist is sure to ushers in new memories of the classic to its large legion of fans. Audiences can relive the first in a long line of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg collaborations that sees Spielberg’s direction expand on the Lucas universe in this 1930s folklore narrative.

This unique take is also certain to brand its first-time viewers into instant fans. With its mixture of musicians that heighten the film known for its big-budget action sequences and a relaxed atmosphere, the Bridgewater plays the perfect host to the more sceptical viewer of live musical performances. The striking orchestral music of John Williams intensifies on-screen performances with its iconic and captivating soundtrack. Playing live in conjunction with the feature in what could be an unforgiving performance, the films fast-paced sequences see the exceptional Czech Orchestra keep pace alongside the action as it unfolds. Absorbing audiences from the introduction of the instantly recognisable Raiders March, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra present audiences with the tangible power behind the movie.

Set in 1936, with scenes so cartoonish you would think they were lifted straight from the pages of The Adventures of Tintin, Steven Spielberg globetrotting rival to 007 is also destined to regenerate. With its next sequel set for 2020, audiences are clearly content to revisit the daredevil archaeologist once again. Despite Raiders of the Lost Ark originally being released in 1981, this Academy Award-winning film has hopped from a multitude of platforms including VHS, DVD and digital. But as audiences in full Indy costumes get ready to relish in the Bridgewater’s big screen, it is evident that the classic movie/music medley is a winning formula that helps keep these classics alive.

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