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The Goonies in Concert Review | The Bridgewater Hall | Manchester

Hey, you guys!

There’s no green screen on display at the Bridgewater Hall as The Goonies plays alongside a live orchestra, taking audiences on a trip all the way to Cannon Beach. Implementing every instrument but a slide whistle, the action-packed classic is driven by its live orchestra in a celebration of the original, juvenile comedy.

Continuing the adventure with new and old audiences alike, Stephen Spielberg’s 1985 comedy is given a new lease of life with a flourishing musical upgrade made to accompany the slapstick footage of Brandon and friends. The Goonies fantastical storyline and amazing stunt work are wrapped around our favourite child actors Sean Astin (Brandon), Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Cohen (Chunk) in their search for One-Eyed Willie’s treasure.

Alongside the fast-paced musical interludes created by Academy Award and ten-time Grammy Award winner Dave Grusin, the 80’s classic cranks the nostalgia level up to eleven with memorable moments including Chunks confession, the truffle shuffle, and basically any scene involvign Cohen.

If your wish is to oversee the entire orchestra as they play along to the movie, the Bridgewater Hall holds the cult classic on a cinema size screen which is best viewed in any of the circle seats.

As theatres and orchestras reach out to larger audiences, you can expect more spectacular collaborations of classic movies and live orchestral music. See the link below for more outstanding merging of live music and cinematic experiences below.

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