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Magic Goes Wrong Review | The Lowry | Manchester

Prior to its premiere in the West End, the Mischief Theatre troupe are bringing their charmed show to The Lowry’s Quays theatre for its opening run. In the latest Goes Wrong series, the tricksters have been aided by the invisible hands of Penn & Teller who have uplifted the jinxed gang of magicians with genuinely astonishing tricks.

Serving as co-creators of Magic Goes Wrong, the duo have sprinkled their magic dust to offer the Mischief group a masterclass in misdirection. Calling in favours from other heavyweights in the magical community, the production mixes transfixing performances that embrace the Mischief’s refreshingly old-school comedy stylings.

The show, presented as a family-friendly charity event, extends its mismanaged performers out into the audience to raise a questionable fundraising target in honour of those lost in magical disasters. With acts including Sophisticato (Henry Sheilf), The Blade (David Hearn) and double act Spitzmaus (Bryony Corrigan) & Bear (Nancy Zamit), the mischievous group promise to keep everyone sitting in the stalls on their toes, while the rest of the audience can sit restfully entertained.

Offering up a superb mashup of everyone’s favourite classics reinvented (or even more astonishing, the original tricks performed) the team rotate acts, switching between danger addict, The Blade and the Mind Mangler (Henry Lewis) in performances that will prompt audiences to question everyone’s credentials. With their creative inspiration guided by the dedicated magicians Penn & Teller, no expense has been spared in this live-action telethon. Despite the smaller Quays theatre staging, the show presents the same high-level prop a minute production, that the team bring to their larger stage shows, together with meddling stagehands.

Bringing their distinctive brand of comedy to the Quays and advancing grand illusions that will leave you pledging never to reveal the secrets of the show, this absolute treat of a show is the perfect addition to the Mischief Theatre’s collection.

Be sure to check out Peter Pan Goes Wrong as it returns for its second run at the Lowry this Christmas.

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