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The Hallé: Epic Fantasies | The Bridgewater Hall | Manchester

The Hallé’s epic collection of fantasy music hosted by the bell ringing, “shame” chanting, Game of Thrones actress, Hannah Waddingham offers audiences a trip to the unknown. With a vibrant wave of music hitting the Bridgewater Hall, the intense collection of gripping tracks performed by the Hallé’s conductor Stephen Bell, surfs the audiences through a wave of memorable modern classics including themes from the Hunger Games, Spiderman and Star Wars.

With the orchestra kitted out in full cosplay costumes, performing as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Dr Who and the Men In Black, the Hallé are fully committed to the cause of entertaining their audience. These bright and accessible collaborations within the Hallé’s classic repertoire offer entirely entertaining evenings that continue to push their transfixing performances onto all round family favourite themes. Video game soundtracks including the inexplicably addictive Final Fantasy, Angry Birds and Call of Duty were included in the fantasy collection to help refresh the audience’s memory of playing against falling debris.

With a plethora of inviting and inventive shows developed and performed by the Hallé heavyweights, audiences should investigate the countless themed evening that their upcoming 2019-20 catalogue has rolled out. We can expect more stunning performances from their future shows including A Night at the Oscars and Elton John - 50 Years of Your Song. Be sure to check the Hallé’s upcoming collections through the link below.

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