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Diversity Presents Supernova Review | The Lowry | Manchester

Diversity’s 2024 Supernova show bursts onto the Lowry Lyric stage with a tsunami of energy, sweeping the audience in their wake. Despite its story being a departure from the expected Diversity offering, Supernova holds the heart of an Ashley Banjo project, layering relentless performances within a show about living life to its fullest.  

Diversity has continually proven themselves to be more than just a stunting group, bringing carefully choreographed performances that push the limits and possibilities of what can be included in dance productions. Past performances of the Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) winners have showcased the troupe's comedic side including mini-me members, while another focused on the Black Lives Matter protests during the 2020 COVID lockdown. The group has a real focus on driving inventive and inspirational ideas.  

Through their latest Supernova theme show, Dujon Thompson (Big Scoop) narrates the audiences through the first half of explosive routines where the poetic storytelling is centred on a comatose pop star who crashes his car and is stuck in his hallucinations. While the premise allows your imagination to run wild with ideas, the show remains focused on its theme of connection and Banjo showcases this expansive world through humour, synchronicity and by spotlighting individual talents.  

Banjo has a gift for imparting a shared sense of community through his choreography, easing the audience with doors of opportunities that continue to shock and enlighten through dance. The production moves through a variety of ideas, throwing in a toybox of Powderpuff Girls and Power Ranger punch-ups, sharing their own Magic Mike moves to Usher’s U Got It Bad and offering a few throwback stunts for any Michael Jackson fans. While Ashley jumps up and down the two-levelled stage like Mario, the production mounts a plethora of technology, and glow-in-the-dark lighting effects to frame the ever-growing group. 

Alongside the show's rapid-fire choreography is the production's fondness for fire, smoke and water that blanket all the elements around the audience and keep the visuals as stimulating as the movement. Between routines, selections of pre-recorded video are used to mix elements of memory, fears and outer space that all flow to highlight features that give Diversity their energy and focus.  

Diversity presents Supernova seamlessly blends a variety of dance styles from the concise ensemble and showcases everything from acrobatics and breakdance to contemporary ballet. Despite the London-based group forming in 2007, Diversity continues to push the envelope with mind-boggling stunts that balance the group's humour, effortlessly synchronised routines and personality with each performance. This latest offering is an intense statement piece that pays off and is guaranteed to keep audiences enthralled with the continued spectacle coming from the UK’s finest street dancers.  

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