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TEDxManchester - Theme: Insight & Inspiration | The Bridgewater Hall | Manchester

TEDxManchester is back for its third year, offering audiences a full day of distinct and emotive speakers. Hosted by the Bridgewater Hall, the theatres three-tiered, free for all seating system is set up to wean out the late risers and highlight who is the most committed to TED.

Getting a closer, longer look at the live speakers on offer, the exhilarating programme features a range of powerful activists from around the globe. Opening with a collection of investigators including retired spy catcher, Joe Navarro. The show launches its assembly addressing the issues of communication and attempting to enhancing our nonverbal skills. Navarro, a former FBI agent uses his 25-years’ experience of interviewing spies, criminals and terrorists to morph the talk on the personal power of communication, with an intriguing lesson on body language and profiling.

As the full day of programming is laid out before you arrive, audiences can dip in and out of the event, which roams from 10.30 am to 5.15 pm. With only a lunch and dinner break splitting its thirteen speakers, the experience moves swiftly to ensure it is jam-packed with informative speakers, including Wall Street Journal writer Parmy Olson. Reporting on technology and the overselling of Big Tech that has been hijacked by companies, she speaks on the rise of businesses ability to collect your data, with more overall concerning aspects forgotten inside the big wide web.

Giving space to some of Manchester’s lesser-heard voices, the stage is set for Stacey Copeland (@scopelandboxer), a Mancunian Boxer who became the first British woman to win the Commonwealth title. Speaking on gender equality in sport and the barriers to human potential, Copeland delivers an inspiring speech on the power of storytelling, which she uses to reach out to schools, businesses and communities in order to pavetheway for future generations.

The events diverse speakers calve out a captivating show, accentuating their message during the live event. For audiences in front of these engaging speakers, TEDxManchester will definitely shine a light on new voices with a fantastically full day of uplifting and enlightening speeches. Moving from a Climate Scientist and of Professor of Astrophysics to an Insect Evangelist and Barber Humanitarian, the lessons assimilated guarantee there is something relevant and appealing for all listeners to debate on the ride home. Fortunately, TEDTalks are also available online to review so the conversations can be shared with an even larger audience.

TEDx Talks are available to watch on and YouTube


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