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Manchester Fashion Industry: A Dark Romance | The Nubian Times

"Fashion Never Sleeps, So Neither Do We"

MCR Fashion Industry (MFI) is known for bringing Manchester’s community to its edgiest hangouts, for slick and contemporary fashion events. News of MCR’s AW15 Gothic Romance secret fashion show spread quickly, and the highly anticipated event was sold-out a week in advance.

MFI’s 29 Nov Gothic Romance show took place at Fumo on Oxford Road; where its clean white and golden walls complimented the blacks and reds that emblazoned the catwalk. The show combined elements of Victorian and classic Haute Couture, taking inspiration from the skintight silhouettes and luxurious fabrics.

Sarvin’s current online collection names its pieces after celebrities such as Beyoncé, Mariah and Kaley. The fashion offers a mythical and opulent display of unique style, available in a multitude of colours and sizes ( The men’s fashion range consisted of bow ties, sharp suits and unexpected hoodies for a smart-casual style.

Sarvin’s latest pieces featured on Sunday, focused on dresses and skirts with a Persian elegance. The catwalk was awash with delicate fabrics and bold colours that highlighted a subtle nod to the trends that inspired them. Pleated silks, low-cut drapes and figure flattering shapes offered an essence of easy to wear, luxurious fashion.

Despite the wet weather, The Milton Club had fashionistas eagerly awaiting the famously entertaining after party, hosted by Muhammad Jalal and Domaine Esdale. Darkness descended the red carpet as guests updated their LBD’s with chiffon fabrics, romantic pops of red lipstick and black leather jackets, denoting the dark romance of the themed event.

I spoke to one of the hosts of the evening, Muhammad Jalal who said;

'I’m always a little apprehensive before the fashion show starts, but it’s a nice feeling [after it’s finished] where everyone can relax. We have a lot more entertainment.'

The Milton Club’s exclusive atmosphere of cocktails, goody bags, and a fire eater was mixed with a contemporary hip-hop soundtrack that resulted in Manchester’s most sensational event of the season.

29 November 2015

This review was originally written for The Nubian Times

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