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Wot U :-) About? Review

In a dystopian future fuelled by coffee and ‘data’, a new God has emerged. One with qualities like Kim Kardashian, but then again, this version has advanced body enhancement that includes nose removal and a sole talent for posting pictures of herself.

The imaged obsessed world created by Rachel Maclean shows a future transformation of celebrity that doesn’t appear too different from our current standing. Speaking on societies need to be immersed in virtual reality and brainwashed to the point of no return; Wot U ;-) About? appears bright, engaging and immersive from the outside but its superficial glamour hides a terrifying truth.

The exhibition plays on peoples’ accessibility of celebrities through the internet. Our fascination with celebrity, but also the ease in which we can now spotlight people for their designated 15 minutes. Reality television, social media and advertisements have led to the rise of a generation gripped by continuous ‘data’. The desire to be constantly in tune with celebrities’ disposable news has resulted in a dystopia where a Kardashian-like Gods feeds the confused, diseased masses with ‘data’.

The common people walk around with their eyes covered by sleeping masks while cartoonish character’s keep everything in check. Their bright blue eyes pop against their yellow skin, their perfect teeth and their nose-less faces robotically perform to distract people from their reality.

This is a great exhibition that includes Emoji-like models, prints and an all-encompassing three-piece screen to watch Maclean’s It’s What’s Inside That Counts film instillation.

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