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Stephen Fry: Mythos Review | The Lowry | Manchester

Fry is taking audiences on a brand-new adventure framed around the long-winding folklores of Greek mythology. The colourful collections of Myths, Heroes and Men unravel the mysterious characteristics of the gods and their unforgiving powers over the mortals who serve them. Ensuring audiences are inspired, entertained and mystified by their exploits, Stephen Fry’s uplifting storytelling is infused with his own personal take on their journeys.

Distilled across three engrossing volumes, the matchlessly meticulous trilogy continues to sing the praises of the gods following the release of Fry’s 2017 book Mythos and the 2018 sequel Heroes. Helping to hook audiences in the vivid world of the Greeks, the conversational live shows are the perfect addition to amplify the mesmerising tales of jealous rulers, disobedient men and their martyrs. Sitting in as an exclusive addon to the lengthier novels, Fry’s live productions add his addictive interpretations to the myths with humour and nourishing detail.

Explaining how the world came to be, the extensive collection of stories weaves together a glittering world that can appear overwhelming for newbies unfamiliar with Greek mythology. However, these sincere and impassioned shows fuse Fry’s absorbing narration with accessible mini flourishes that are easy to dip in and out of.

His third show, Man centres around the legend of Troy, following King Agamemnon’s expedition to besiege the city. Shedding a new light on the ten-year Trojan War waged by the Greeks and the abduction of queen Helena, Fry brings the story back to life with a simple yet stunning production.

Following on with Homer's Odyssey, a story that revolves around the hopeful and earnest idea that life in all its cruelty and imperfection carries its benefits, Fry delivers a deeply compelling and surprisingly hilarious account of the tale. Directed by Tim Carroll, Fry sits along with a circular screened staging, conjuring up images of the constellations, the gods and a Trivial Pursuit coloured wheel that offer respite from the traditional storytelling. Including an interactive element, renamed Mythical Pursuit, that allows the audience to shout out which questions Fry should answer on stage.

Fry’s passion and knowledge of Greek mythology rings throughout the Lowry theatre, offering a personal and relaxed stage show that is enough to stir any mere mortals’ curiosity. With stories that cover everything from the creation of the world to the creation of the echo, it is worth looking into our own giant in history and picking up the Mythos or Heroes collections.

Tickets are available via the Lowry link

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